Month: November 2013

Pet Cats

So my girlfriend has two cats and they drive me crazy. I am not a cat person at all. I think they are sneaky, smelly and annoying. I think it’s true when people say you are either a dog person or cat person. I am 100% a dog person. They are much better behaved and they go to the bathroom outside.

One of the things that really angers me about cats is that they pretty much sleep all day and then they come alive at night, when I am trying to sleep. I constantly hear them running around chasing each other night. When they are not chasing each other making noise they are playing with something they found on the ground and being loud about it.  I also think they watch me.  If they were people they would be hackers and would spy on me.  They would make good spies.  When I was growing up we had cats and dogs and the cats would always creep around and spy on the dogs and the dogs would just be doing their thing.  They were all friendly with each other but they still kind of crept around.

One day last summer one of her cats ran away. My girlfriend was so sad when he ran away, but I kept telling her that cats run away all the time and he will be back. She knew I was happy that he was gone but was appreciative that I was consoling her. After 5 days of Danielle being gone I came to the conclusion that he was gone for good. He had been an indoors cat his whole life and I figured he got lost out in the wild. My girlfriend kept putting food outside but each morning she woke up the food was still there. I was surprised that the food was still there, I thought a raccoon would come along and at least eat the food, but nothing. Eventually he did come back, though.  I woke up one morning and there he was sitting by the back door crying.  The poor cat looked pathetic. It was clear he had not eaten in a while because he was very skinny. I let him in the house and brought him upstairs and woke up my girlfriend. She was so excited to have him home even though he smelled horrible.

So for now I still have to deal with two cats, but I told her that once these cats pass we are not getting anymore. She agreed to that mainly because I don’t think she enjoys cleaning up after them. Bad news is that they are still very young. Oh well maybe Danielle will take another vacation this summer.