Month: March 2014

A Nice Place I Saw

This one just came on the market/I saw it yesterday. Smaller than the other one in the building (that I put the offer on), but also lower taxes and HOA.

New one: higher floor (awesome views of Chicago and the lake, but also over the Metra but up high enough it’s not a big deal – the train was there while I was viewing it and it was fine), smaller (just under 700 sq ft), no bathtub, smaller bedroom, no walk-in closet, more open kitchen, more open floorplan, no foyer, lower taxes/HOAs would save me ~$200/month, carpet, corner unit, parking space on the ground floor of the garage so I’d have to take an elevator up to my floor, more counterspace (i think) with bfast bar

Original one: wood floors in main area, bigger (just under 900 sq ft) higher taxes/HOAs, extra linen closet, massive walk-in closet, less open floorplan, real entryway/foyer, crappy views (busy street, lower floor so still seeing businesses rather than skyline and lake, no Metra though), parking space on the same floor so non need to use elevator when bringing in groceries, across from the greenspace/rooftop garden, down the hall from the gym/pool (convenient, but anyone who wants to go has to walk by my door), kitchen is in a corner rather than being open to the apartment, no breakfast bar but has separate dining area, double sink (kinda), has bathtub

Both have same size laundry closet and equally crappy cabinets and counters.